Theme Comedy
Plans that go horribly awry; strange encounters; peculiar NPC and monsters; witty dialogue.
Goal Establish a Force
Establish a new monster-fighting unit for the king, create a new rogue's guild, help set up a new keep on the borderlands... player's expertise is required to establish and develop some new force.
Hook Grim Necessity
Character is poisoned and has only a few days to live ; only by completing this task is there any chance of a cure.
Plot Accumulation of Elements
Players must visit many locations to gather pieces of something, perhaps clues, fragments of artifact, etc. and combine them.
Omen Hero Fulfills Prophecy
Something about the hero matches an old prophecy - only they can resolve this quest.
Trap Feeding Time
Character is trapped in a room where a cage door will open in moments, releasing hungry carnivorous animals into the room.
Twists Friend Quandary
At some critical point in the quest, a friend will make an impossible request of a PC - such as, demanding the player not risk their life.
False Path to the Artifact
The players have quested to find an artifact, but on arrival at it's supposed location, they discover that minions of the villain have taken it away.
Climax Scattered Duels
Party is split up (characters split from allies) and simultaneously attacked by minions.
Setting Torturous Terrain
Adventure takes place in uncivilized, unsettled and wild terrain; dangerous and exotic, the area itself is as challenging as a villain.
Location 1 Caves of Magical Folk
Beautiful, glittering homes of gorgeous magical peoples.
Location 2 Temple/Church
Temple of a neutral deity, important to the daily lives of local folk.
Vanguard of an invasion; perhaps trying to open a portal to an evil dimension, or the vanguard of an army, or preparing a takeover.
Personality : Gluttonous. Exacting : Punctual. Thoughtless.
Objective : Love. Embittered after being jilted by a beautiful princess / handsome prince.
Motive : Autonomy. Wants to be free from all restraints and restrictions society may impose.
Source of Power : Wizardly Magic. Arcane magics, either studied or innate.
Evil Method : Psionics
Weakness : Lack of Familiarity. The master villain is not familiar with human behaviour and often makes incorrect assumptions.
Minor Villain Villain's sister
Usually accompanies villain, but is sometimes sent off on missions alone. May assist players at times. Arrogant : Aloof. Has recently fallen in love..
Minor Villain Snivelling Vizier
A cowardly advisor to the master villain; intelligent, and interested in saving his own hide. Naïve : Innocent. Nervous.
Ally / Neutral / Patron Villain Ally
The villain has sent a minion to accompany the party. He may at first appear as a henchman. Exacting : Punctual. Kind.
NPC Encounter Truthful Accuser
Character is accused of something - which they are actually guilty of, but it may just be a bad version of the real story… Friendly : Compassionate. Picks nose.
Monster Assassin-Beast
At some time in the adventure, the master villain sends a monster as an assassin against a vital NPC.