Theme Action / Adventure
The most common adventure type. Present the characters with a task and then confront them with obstacles to overcome to complete the task successfully.
Goal Settle a Debt
Characters must repay a debt by carrying out a task.
Hook Legend and Rumour
A nearby place is known to be extremely dangerous, but there are legends of a great reward to be found there.
Plot Geographic Progressions
Plot is based around travel : Players must travel through an area, facing many hazards, to reach their goal.
Omen Hero Fulfills Prophecy
Something about the hero matches an old prophecy - only they can resolve this quest.
Trap Mutually Assured Destruction
Heroes are placed in a trap in such a way that if one of them escapes, the others are sure to die as a result. Players must find a way for all to escape.
Twists No Lawbreaking
Characters will need the help of the authorities, and must not break the law (or get caught) or the quest will be forfeit.
Climax Chase to Ground
The villain's identity is not well known; when it is revealed, the villain flees for freedom.
Setting On The Sea
Player must face the perils of the open sea, perhaps visiting many ports as the quest progresses.
Location 1 Demi-human Community
Home to members of an intelligent non-human race. If this adventure takes place in a city, this could be a section of the city mostly inhabited by demi-humans.
Location 2 Madman's Fortress
Citadel of a major enemy; filled with soldiers and monsters, lined with secret passages and deathtraps.
MAJOR VILLAIN Moronic Muscleman
A huge, dangerous villain, interested only in bashing, smashing and crushing.
Personality : Manipulative. Moody : Irritable. Thoughtless.
Objective : Wealth. Frames a landowner for a crime in order to acquire their land.
Motive : Affiliation. Needs approval of others; may join a cult or gang, and resort to acts of cruelty to gain their approval.
Source of Power : Clerical Magic. Power granted by faith in a god, demigod or power.
Evil Method : Haunting
Weakness : Holy Symbol. Master villain is affected by holy symbols of a specific faith. He is intent on destroying the faith, temples and worshippers.
Minor Villain Moronic Muscleman
A huge, dangerous villain, interested only in bashing, smashing and crushing. Exacting : Perfectionist. Sarcastic.
Minor Villain Loveable Rogue
Very independent ; works for master villain but not always in their best interest. Careless : Insensitive. Enslaved by another.
Ally / Neutral / Patron Crusty Old Professional
The only available expert in a vital field is this cranky, aged professional. Arrogant : Elitist. Virgin.
NPC Encounter Belligerent Soldier
A city guardsman or similar, collecting taxes - perhaps for use of a road, or passage through a gate, etc. Courage : Brave. Punctual.
Monster Assassin-Beast
At some time in the adventure, when the players are at their most vulnerable, the master villain sends an monster as an assassin.