Theme Action / Adventure
The most common adventure type. Present the characters with a task and then confront them with obstacles to overcome to complete the task successfully.
Goal Retrieval
Characters must retrieve a body part of a dangerous creature. The location of this item is not known.
Hook Growing Threat
The monstrous population is becoming larger and more active. Something is surely behind it.
Plot Event
Villain's plan is set against an event - a coming of age ceremony
Omen Innocent Fulfills Prophecy
An NPC does something which fulfills an old prophecy. The heroes may have to help this individual, who may not have any adventuring ability, to their destiny.
Trap Avalanche
In a narrow canyon or gorge, an avalanche of rocks pours down on the heroes. Allows low-level villains or minions to seriously harm powerful heroes.
Twists Loony Who Has It Wrong
Party are aided by an expert who offers seemingly good advice, but actually he does not have a clue what he is on about.
Heroes must Decide
The party are approached to be hired by both sides in a conflict. They must work our which they wish to support or they could end up on the losing side, or working for villains.
Coping with a Curse
The curse is progressively weakening the character in some way.The longer the curse progresses, the harder the task becomes.
Climax Skirmish
A typical small-unit combat where tactics and strategy will win the day, as much as or more than sheer force..
Setting Under The Ground
Deep caves and dungeons beneath the surface provide the setting for much of this adventure.
Location 1 Wilderness
Wild lands, where Rangers and Druids feel at home, but others may feel threatened by the sheer force of nature.
Location 2 Graveyeard
place of burial and rememberance of the dead. Not necessarily infested with undead.
MAJOR VILLAIN Single-Minded Soldier
Field-trained military veteran, with no conscience.
Personality : Nihilistic. Violent : Jealous. Very intelligent.
Objective : Love. Lover is insisting this character performs increasingly terrible acts, to prove love.
Motive : Affiliation. Needs approval of others; may join a cult or gang, and resort to acts of cruelty to gain their approval.
Source of Power : Economic Resources. Has large wealth. Rich enough to afford most things money can buy, including favours and services.
Evil Method : Spells, baneful
Weakness : Love. Master villain has a secret love, and will not reveal the identity of the love for fear that this would be used to thwart plans.
Minor Villain Old Friend with a Dark Secret
Working for villain, now converted to evil. Exacting : Stern. Barbaric.
Minor Villain Villain's granddaughter
Usually accompanies villain, but is sometimes sent off on missions alone. May assist players at times. Capricious : Irreverent. Avaricious.
Ally / Neutral / Patron Inquisitive Chronicler
A scribe or bard who wishes to record the great adventure; not an adventurer but will follow along anyway. Suspicious : Paranoid. Extravagant.
NPC Encounter Reveller
Loud, obnoxious, and willing to drink on anyone else's money. Knows many tall tales and bad jokes. Greedy : Thrifty. Fearless.
Monster Foreshadowing Monster
A monster is discovered, in whose lair are clues of a previous attempt against the master villain which failed.