Theme Mystery
Murder or other crime; need to find out who did what, to who, how, and why.
Goal Encounter Old Villain
The heroes encounter an old villain, whose plan is this :
Rescue NPC(s)
Characters must rescue one or more kidnapped NPC's. A clever plan is required to escape with the NPC alive.
Hook Any Port in a Storm
Players find themselves drawn to an area to avoid the elements.
Plot A-B-C Quest
Before the main quest can be completed, there will be several steps - blocks to progress need to be removed: physical obstacles; opponents; gathering information, keys, special items; etc.
Omen Innocent Fulfills Prophecy
An NPC does something which fulfills an old prophecy. The heroes may have to help this individual, who may not have any adventuring ability, to their destiny.
Trap Rock and a Hard Place
Character is caught in a trap with a fairly obvious escape - but unfortunately this escape route is even more dangerous.
Twists Ally Quandary
Heroes require help from two NPCs - who hate each other. Must choose one over the other, or find some way to reconcile them.
Villain Accompanies Party
The party know that one of their companions is a villain, but must discover which one and protect the others.
Climax Bloody Battle
Large bodies of combatants clash ; armies, hordes of monsters.
Setting Cosmopolitan City
Most of the adventure takes place in a large, sophisticated city. These adventures are best suited to people or people-like monsters, rather than regular monsters.
Location 1 Palace of the Ruler
The seat of power for the ruler of the land. Players find themselves here for any number of reasons, driven by the plot.
Location 2 Classic Dungeon
Standard trap-filled labyrinth ; perhaps the breeding ground for the master villain's forces.
Trying to make something nasty out of something nice.
Personality : Arrogant. Violent : Cruel. Workaholic.
Objective : Wealth. Frames a landowner for a crime in order to acquire their land.
Motive : Power. Will do anything to improve personal power ; killing superiors, etc.
Source of Power : Unnatural Power. Has powers and abilities which most others do not have, and would not suspect.
Evil Method : Summoning Monsters
Weakness : Secret Embarrassment. Villain has a secret shame ; if this is revealed the villain will be humiliated and abandon plans.
Minor Villain Single-Minded Soldier
Field-trained military veteran, with no conscience. Directs villain's forces. Suspicious : Cautious. Nervous.
Minor Villain Moronic Muscleman
A huge, dangerous villain, interested only in bashing, smashing and crushing. Quiet : Retiring. Extravagant.
Ally / Neutral / Patron Recruits
Young or inexperienced folk, who must be trained and/or equipped to deal with coming troubles.
NPC Encounter Lying Accuser
Character falsely accused of something; must prove innocence. Friendly : Kind-hearted. Madcap.
Monster Terrain Monster
Players must track down a certain type of local monster, to recover a body part to be used as an ingredient or component.