Theme Romance
Married lover plans divorce.
Goal Seeking an Omen
Characters become involved in a quest or ritual which will lead to revelation of an omen, or understanding of an old legend.
Hook Old Enemy
A threat thought extinguished long ago has returned.
Plot Accumulation of Elements
Players must visit many locations to gather pieces of something, perhaps clues, fragments of artifact, etc. and combine them.
Omen Hero Fulfills Prophecy
Something about the hero matches an old prophecy - only they can resolve this quest.
Trap Demolition Zone
Players are trapped inside a building at the bottom of a mountain, as the villains cause an avalanche to fall upon it.
Twists Riddles
Players must answer riddles to proceed; to win trust of an NPC or monster, to unlock something, to escape from a deathtrap, to prove their worth, etc.
Coping with a Curse
The curse is progressively weakening the character in some way.The longer the curse progresses, the harder the task becomes.
Climax Divine Retribution
Players can defeat villain by alerting a god to the activities; retribution will be in some form suitable to that deity.
Setting Alternate Plane
Most of the story takes place on an alternate dimension. PCs must deal with completely different environment, creatures, cultures and items.
Location 1 Lost City
Remnant of a lost civilization or expedition, still thriving in a forgotten corner of the world. Possibly now degenerate.
Location 2 Demi-human Community
Home to members of an intelligent non-human race. If this adventure takes place in a city, this could be a section of the city mostly inhabited by demi-humans.
Intent on taking over an area.
Personality : Envious. Greedy : Avaricious. Coughs a lot.
Objective : Revenge. Has crushed the initial cause of their pain; now seeks revenge on anyone related to, or associated with, that individual.
Motive : Power. Will do anything to improve personal power ; killing superiors, etc.
Source of Power : Psionics. Innate magical powers of the mind. Often implies other "psychic" abilities.
Evil Method : Assault / Beatings
Weakness : Holy Symbol. Master villain is affected by holy symbols of a specific faith. He is intent on destroying the faith, temples and worshippers.
Minor Villain Hard-Eyed Advisor
Advises the master villain; scary, loves his position. Curious : Perceptive. Practical.
Minor Villain Inquisitor
Interrogates characters captured by the villains. Enjoys inflicting pain and suffering. Generous : Charitable. Haughty.
Ally / Neutral / Patron Mentor
Very skilled, but possibly too old to adventure, the Mentor is, was, or could be an advisor and trainer, an inspiration to one of the characters. Generous : Spendthrift. Pale.
NPC Encounter Innocent Abroad
A young child, lost, seperated from parents due to villain's minions. Party may have hard time keeping child safe / finding out what happened to parents… Quiet : Laconic. Hick.
Monster Noble Beast
Players have to capture but not injure, some noble creature which can help with the quest resolution in some way.