Theme Action / Adventure
The most common adventure type. Present the characters with a task and then confront them with obstacles to overcome to complete the task successfully.
Goal Kill the Villain
The players are hired to kill the villain. This is the simplest and surest way to remove the threat.
Hook Old Enemy
Players hear that their old enemy is back. No further introduction to the story should be required!
Plot Geographic Progressions
Plot is based around travel : Players must travel through an area, facing many hazards, to reach their goal.
Omen Hero Fulfills Prophecy
Something about the hero matches an old prophecy - only they can resolve this quest.
Trap Framed
Character is accused of a capital crime, and must avoid capture, or escape prison, or face the death sentence.
Twists False Path to the Artifact
New building has covered the site where the artifact ought to be.
Climax Skirmish
A typical small-unit combat where tactics and strategy will win the day, as much as or more than sheer force..
Setting Under The Ground
Deep caves and dungeons beneath the surface provide the setting for much of this adventure.
Location 1 Temple/Church
Temple erected by villain, dedicated to the villain, in preparation for villain's godhhood.
Location 2 Mines
Tunnels dug to recover valuable minerals. Perhaps they have uncovered something, or dug too far.
Longs for death - every evil act is designed to lure heroes unaware of the villain's curse, the only ones who can slay the villain.
Personality : Lustful. Na´ve : Innocent. Close to family.
Objective : Political Power. Disinherited heir seeks to usurp title.
Motive : Last stand. Villain knows his time is running out, and seeks to make a final attempt.
Source of Power : Economic Resources. Has large wealth. Rich enough to afford most things money can buy, including favours and services.
Evil Method : Duelling
Weakness : Element or Ingredient. Master villain can be defeated by a certain type of gem. He will ban the gem from his presence, and try to destroy any source of it.
Minor Villain Inquisitive Chronicler
A scribe or bard who wishes to record the great adventure; not an adventurer but will follow along anyway. Moody : Morose. Loves stories.
Minor Villain Misguided Moralist
Believes master villain's plan will improve the world. Suspicious : Scheming. Heavily tattooed.
Ally / Neutral / Patron Recruits
Young or inexperienced folk, who must be trained and/or equipped to deal with coming troubles.
NPC Encounter Fool
A giggling, cackling jester who will not shut up. Often likes to boast about PC's abilities to rivals and opponents. Argumentative : Articulate. Searching for lost map.
Monster Terrain Monster
A run in with the type of monster found in the local terrain.