Theme Action / Adventure
The most common adventure type. Present the characters with a task and then confront them with obstacles to overcome to complete the task successfully.
Goal Gain Power
The character is working for someone who can help them advance socially or politically. Their task is as follows:
Characters must retrieve a body part of a dangerous creature. The item is far away.
Hook Mysterious Disappearances
People from the poorer section of society have been going missing, in large numbers.
Plot Geographic Progressions
Plot is based around travel : Players must travel through an area, facing many hazards, to reach their goal.
Omen Birthmark Pertains
A character's birthmark matches one in a legend, this legend offering clues about current situation.
Trap Demolition Zone
Players are trapped deep in a mine which is about to be flooded.
Twists Coping with a Curse
The curse is progressively weakening the character in some way.The longer the curse progresses, the harder the task becomes.
Time Limit
The quest must be completed by a certain time, or the master villain will have completed the great plan and won.
Climax Divine Retribution
Players can defeat villain by alerting a god to the activities; retribution will be in some form suitable to that deity.
Setting Torturous Terrain
Adventure takes place in uncivilized, unsettled and wild terrain; dangerous and exotic, the area itself is as challenging as a villain.
Location 1 Mansion of Powerful NPC
Home of a powerful ally, used as headquarters for PC's plans and activities.
Location 2 Tavern/Inn
Residence of travelling heroes. Good opportunity for a tavern brawl.
Enjoys inflicting pain and suffering.
Personality : Cruel / Sadistic. Exacting : Perfectionist. Realistic.
Objective : Revenge. Seeks to destroy all members of a race or organization, because one member killed a loved one.
Motive : Insanity. Has gone mad, although it may not be obvious yet. Plan is deranged and followers may reject leader if insanity is revealed.
Source of Power : Social Influence. Charismatic, able to affect opinion from a grass-roots level.
Evil Method : Selling their Soul
Weakness : Holy Symbol. Master villain is affected by holy symbol of a long forgotten faith. Only extensive research may bring this fact to light.
Minor Villain Moronic Muscleman
A huge, dangerous villain, interested only in bashing, smashing and crushing. Courage : Craven. Gloomy.
Minor Villain Villain's spouse
Usually accompanies villain, but is sometimes sent off on missions alone. May assist players at times. Careless : Insensitive. Barbaric.
Ally / Neutral / Patron Ingenue in Distress
A normal person who is in danger from the villains. Violent : Immoral. Does not believe in the supernatural.
NPC Encounter Refugees
Members of a community, displaced by events of this adventure. May require shelter and assistance; may set up a tent city; may take to theft or force to get what they need to survive.
Monster Powerful Tester
Players have a seemingly mundane encounter involving a moral choice; in reality they have met a powerful creature, testing them.