Theme Action / Adventure
The most common adventure type. Present the characters with a task and then confront them with obstacles to overcome to complete the task successfully.
Goal Protect Endangered NPCs
An NPC or group of NPC's are in danger.
Hook Dying Delivery
When the character is alone, a dying NPC bumps into them, hands something over, says a few words, then dies.
Plot Series of Villains
On way to main villain, players are set upon by a series of minor villains, each distinct individuals, trying to defeat or wear down the party.
Omen Hero Fulfills Prophecy
Something about the hero matches an old prophecy - only they can resolve this quest.
Trap Pit and the Pendulum
Character is bound under a pendulum blade which swings closer and closer, until eventually it slices the character in two.
Twists Friend Quandary
At some critical point in the quest, a friend will make an impossible request of a PC - such as, demanding the player not risk their life.
Climax Bloody Battle
Large bodies of combatants clash ; armies, hordes of monsters.
Setting Under The Ground
Deep caves and dungeons beneath the surface provide the setting for much of this adventure.
Location 1 Demi-human Community
Home to members of an intelligent non-human race. If this adventure takes place in a city, this could be a section of the city mostly inhabited by demi-humans.
Location 2 Palace of the Ruler
The seat of power for the ruler of the land. Players find themselves here for any number of reasons, driven by the plot.
Intent on taking over an area.
Personality : Selfish. Exacting : Perfectionist. Retiring.
Objective : Self-Aggrandizement. Wants name to live in history for this great deed.
Motive : Affiliation. Needs approval of others; may join a cult or gang, and resort to acts of cruelty to gain their approval.
Source of Power : Wizardly Magic. Arcane magics, either studied or innate.
Evil Method : Lying / perjury
Weakness : Secret Embarrassment. Villain has a secret shame ; if this is revealed the villain will be humiliated and abandon plans.
Minor Villain Chief Assassin
Has no respect for life. Employed by the master villain and will flee if master is destroyed. Pessimistic : Realistic. Ugly.
Minor Villain Moronic Muscleman
A huge, dangerous villain, interested only in bashing, smashing and crushing. Pessimistic : Cynical. Sports enthusiast.
Ally / Neutral / Patron Absent-Minded Expert
A sage or other NPC who must be consulted in some matter, but is totally incompetent in all areas outside of specialization. Optimistic : Foolhardy. Only deals with local people. Are you local?.
NPC Encounter Bandit Gang
Bandits in large numbers. Refuse to let players pass a certain way (tough to fight through, may be another way through)
Monster Foreshadowing Monster
A monster is discovered, the existence of which gives some clue about the overall plot.