Theme Comedy
Plans that go horribly awry; strange encounters; peculiar NPC and monsters; witty dialogue.
Goal Gain Power
The character is working for someone who can help them advance socially or politically. Their task is as follows:
Rescue NPC(s)
Characters must rescue one or more kidnapped NPC's. A clever plan is required to escape with the NPC alive.
Hook Only You can Help Us
A magic item owned by a player, perhaps from a previous adventure or an heirloom, turns out to be more than it seems, and pivotal to the plot.
Plot A-B-C Quest
Before the main quest can be completed, there will be several steps - blocks to progress need to be removed: physical obstacles; opponents; gathering information, keys, special items; etc.
Omen Birthmark Pertains
A character's birthmark matches one in a legend, this legend offering clues about current situation.
Trap Tomb Deathtraps
A variety of deadly pressure pads, sensitive wall bricks, mounted gemstones or other devices which cause a trap to be triggered.
Twists Villain Accompanies Party
The master villain, in disguise, accompanies the party as an ally, guiding their efforts to his advantage.
False Path to the Artifact
The players have quested to find an artifact, but on arrival at it's supposed location, they discover that minions of the villain have taken it away.
Extraneous Details
The players are given a few clues about the master villain or the plot which seem important, but in fact are not.
Climax Chase to Ground
The villain's identity is not well known; when it is revealed, the villain flees for freedom.
Setting On The Road
Most of the adventure takes place while travelling; perhaps pursuing or pursued, maybe part of a caravan.
Location 1 Demi-human Community
Home to members of an intelligent non-human race. If this adventure takes place in a city, this could be a section of the city mostly inhabited by demi-humans.
Location 2 Caves of Magical Folk
Beautiful, glittering homes of gorgeous magical peoples.
MAJOR VILLAIN Loveable Rogue
Not really evil, just lawless; may not really be behind the nastiness the players are encountering.
Sober : Practical. Forgiving.
Objective : Love. Lover is insisting this character performs increasingly terrible acts, to prove love.
Motive : Atonement. Trying to make up for crimes, mistakes, or sins of the past.
Weakness : Lack of Familiarity. The master villain is not familiar with local customs, geography, or terrain.
Minor Villain Villain's aunt
Usually accompanies villain, but is sometimes sent off on missions alone. May assist players at times. Argumentative : Articulate. Forgiving.
Minor Villain Inquisitor
Interrogates characters captured by the villains. Enjoys inflicting pain and suffering. Careless : Thoughtless. Sadistic.
Ally / Neutral / Patron Tragic Fellow Hero
A fellow adventurer who has lost his properties and titles. Moody : Morose. Driven.
NPC Encounter Blackmailer
Will inform on the master villain, or the authorities, or whoever will cause the most trouble for the PC's if their activities are made public. Careless : Insensitive. Was formerly much poorer.
Monster Ravager
There is a monster eating local villagers - a ferocious creature.