Theme Action / Adventure
The most common adventure type. Present the characters with a task and then confront them with obstacles to overcome to complete the task successfully.
Goal The Challenge
The characters enter a contest or challenge, to protect another contestant.
Hook Chance Encounter
Encounters an NPC: Old Friend at the Wrong Time
Appears when characters are trying to sneak by someone, or bluff someone - friend appears calling them by name. Sober : Level-headed. Sickly.
Plot Geographic Progressions
Plot is based around travel : Players must travel through an area, facing many hazards, to reach their goal.
Omen Totem Animal
A character who has a totem animal, sees that animal involved in some activity which gives clues how to progress.
Trap Shipwreck
Players are trapped in a sinking ship.
Twists Honour Quandary
The best way to defeat the villain is one which betrays a character's sense of honour.
Climax Bloody Battle
Large bodies of combatants clash ; armies, hordes of monsters.
Setting On The Sea
Player must face the perils of the open sea, perhaps visiting many ports as the quest progresses.
Location 1 Wilderness
Wild lands, where Rangers and Druids feel at home, but others may feel threatened by the sheer force of nature.
Location 2 Classic Dungeon
Standard trap-filled labyrinth ; perhaps the breeding ground for the master villain's forces.
MAJOR VILLAIN Loveable Rogue
Not really evil, just lawless; may not really be behind the nastiness the players are encountering.
Moody : Compulsive. Diplomatic.
Objective : Magical Power. Religious fanatics use ritual sacrifice to gain power, then plunder their victims wealth to fund organization.
Motive : Last stand. Villain knows his time is running out, and seeks to make a final attempt.
Weakness : Element or Ingredient. Master villain can be defeated by an everyday substance. He will not allow this substance near him.
Minor Villain Single-Minded Soldier
Field-trained military veteran, with no conscience. Directs villain's forces. Arrogant : Proud. Covetous.
Minor Villain Inquisitor
Interrogates characters captured by the villains. Enjoys inflicting pain and suffering. Moody : Vengeful. Has recently fallen in love..
Ally / Neutral / Patron Inquisitive Chronicler
A scribe or bard who wishes to record the great adventure; not an adventurer but will follow along anyway. Capricious : Irreverent. Was formerly much poorer.
NPC Encounter Snitch
Listens in on any plans he can and informs others, to gain favour. May aid the PCs in this way, but will double cross them if he learns their plans. Curious : Prying. Wants to start a new life.
Monster Terrain Monster
A run in with the type of monster found in the local terrain.