Generates 101 NPCs' personalities for roleplaying games. Populate a village, spice up a dull encounter, create a stock list of characters, never be lost for an interesting NPC again!
Note, the data and process will be improved when I get time.

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Ideal for Dungeon Masters of Dungeon & Dragons games and other fantasy roleplaying games.

1Generous : Wastrel. Admires a historical hero.
motto : Don't think you can relax your way to happiness.
2Moody : Gloomy. Mischievous.
motto : Make the punishment fit the crime.
3Capricious : Impulsive. Only deals with local people. Are you local?.
motto : Dismiss a good idea simply because you don't like the source.
4Sober : Reverent. Kind.
motto : Try to pay your debts on time.
5Exacting : Driven. From a foreign land.
motto : Misfortunes never come singly.
6Curious : Perceptive. Accompanied by Secretive spouse.
motto : Never be ashamed of honest tears.
7Optimistic : Pleasant. Survived torture.
motto : Never wash dirty linen in public.
8Careless : No common sense. Sadistic.
motto : Never become judge and jury.
9Violent : Immoral. Sarcastic.
motto : Always learn the rules - then break some.
10Uncivilized : Uncultured. Impulsive.
motto : Don't teach your grandmother to suck eggs.
11Pessimistic : Realistic. Foolhardy.
motto : Challenge yourself.
12Courage : Brave. Whittles wood in spare time.
motto : Be a person who says "Ready, Aim, aim, aim".
13Curious : Intellectual. Inquisitive.
motto : Cut off your nose to spite your face.
14Generous : Wastrel. Keeps hand on weapon.
motto : Overlook the small joys while looking for the big ones.
15Arrogant : Rude. Compulsive.
motto : Don't be too proud to ask for help.
16Curious : Keen. Aloof.
motto : Keep a diary of your accomplishments.
17Argumentative : Antagonistic. Always chewing.
motto : Perform your job better than anyone else can.
18Arrogant : Proud. Teetotal.
motto : Ignore evil.
19Generous : Wastrel. Immoral.
motto : Ignore evil.
20Nave : Innocent. Trusting.
motto : Try to explain the truth.
21Exacting : Harsh. Has own rules of logic which don't match most peoples.
motto : Always fight fire with fire.
22Violent : Immoral. Winks a lot.
motto : Let friends help when they offer.
23Friendly : Compassionate. Proud.
motto : Never think that waiting will make your obstacles grow smaller.
24Optimistic : Happy. Wears clothes a size too small.
motto : Try to do your homework and know your facts.
25Violent : Jealous. Coughs a lot.
motto : Never apologize for extreme measures when defending your values.
26Pessimistic : Depressing. Hard-hearted.
motto : Decide to do nothing just because you can only do a little.
27Careless : Absent-minded. Driven.
motto : Try to let well alone.
28Friendly : Forgiving. Harsh.
motto : Don't be ashamed of your faith.
29Violent : Warlike. Tanned.
motto : Never wash dirty linen in public.
30Moody : Compulsive. Very religious.
motto : If you give someone enough rope, they'll hang themselves.
31Quiet : Secretive. Slobbish.
motto : Don't be lead by peer pressure.
32Greedy : Avaricious. Covetous.
motto : Try to be more diplomatic with fight.
33Friendly : Easy-going. Avaricious.
motto : Judge what you don't understand.
34Opinionated : Narrow-minded. Walks with a limp.
motto : Go public about your true prayer.
35Courage : Fearless. Clumsy.
motto : Fine words butter no parsnips.
36Suspicious : Nervous. Stomps on bugs.
motto : Never remind someone of a kindness or act of generosity you have shown them.
37Curious : Keen. Hard-hearted.
motto : Don't think you can fill an emptiness in your heart with gold.
38Arrogant : Aloof. Talks to animals.
motto : Be lead by peer pressure.
39Exacting : Punctual. Fasting.
motto : Alienation produces eccentrics or revolutionaries.
40Exacting : Stern. Forgiving.
motto : Always spend your life lifting people up, not putting them down.
41Curious : Keen. Narrow-minded.
motto : Try to lose without excuses.
42Pessimistic : Realistic. Pinches self occasionally.
motto : Meet troubles half-way.
43Opinionated : Biased. Has wanderlust.
motto : Cut corners.
44Argumentative : Antagonistic. Intellectual.
motto : Remind someone of a kindness or act of generosity you have shown them.
45Greedy : Hard-hearted. Covetous.
motto : Don't be too proud to ask for help.
46Greedy : Thrifty. Fasting.
motto : Always take time to sit down for a meal with loved ones.
47Curious : Perceptive. Inspires mistrust in others.
motto : Try to help a friend to help themselves.
48Capricious : Irreverent. Gets peoples' names wrong.
motto : Swap your integrity for money, power, or fame.
49Curious : Keen. Sweet tooth.
motto : Take one step at a time.
50Arrogant : Proud. Level-headed.
motto : Love deeply and passionately - you might get hurt, but it's the only way to live completely.
51Arrogant : Haughty. Keeps hand on weapon.
motto : Talk slowly but think quickly.
52Argumentative : Antagonistic. Known by a nickname.
motto : Always follow your own star.
53Friendly : Easy-going. Rude.
motto : Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.
54Curious : Keen. Hypochondriac.
motto : Begin and inspiration will find you.
55Optimistic : Pleasant. Retiring.
motto : Try to make haste slowly.
56Argumentative : Antagonistic. Speaks in metaphor.
motto : Wait till you get everything in place.
57Optimistic : Cheerful. Searching for a long-lost spouse.
motto : Faith moves mountains.
58Sober : Practical. Pale.
motto : Don't cut corners.
59Arrogant : Rude. Very short.
motto : Try to reject and condemn prejudice based on race, gender, religion or age.
60Friendly : Trusting. Sharp senses.
motto : Ignore to your critics.
61Moody : Irritable. Truthful.
motto : Don't cross the bridge before you come to it.
62Quiet : Secretive. Has impressive foot.
motto : Always go somewhere you have never been before.
63Suspicious : Paranoid. Truthful.
motto : Don't teach your grandmother to suck eggs.
64Arrogant : Aloof. Intellectual.
motto : Don't decide to do nothing just because you can only do a little.
65Sober : Level-headed. Blustering.
motto : Don't underestimate the time it takes to do something.
66Greedy : Avaricious. Mousy.
motto : Occasionally principles are more valuable than people.
67Sober : Reverent. Narrow-minded.
motto : All's fair in love and war.
68Curious : Perceptive. Sweet tooth.
motto : Speak ill of the dead.
69Courage : Obsequious. Avaricious.
motto : Never "borrow" so much as a copper piece from your friends.
70Sober : Level-headed. Cruel.
motto : Slow down.
71Curious : Prying. Has recently fallen in love..
motto : Never sign a contract.
72Sober : Practical. Trusting.
motto : Always get the balance right between give and take.
73Courage : Craven. Teetotal.
motto : Emotional responses are as valuable as intellectual responses.
74Curious : Keen. Compassionate.
motto : Never confuse comfort with happiness.
75Careless : Thoughtless. Aloof.
motto : Don't think you can fill an emptiness in your heart with gold.
76Sober : Dull. Stern.
motto : Never cross the bridge before you come to it.
77Nave : Hick. Dreamy.
motto : Selfishness is the most basic motivation.
78Greedy : Covetous. Very tall.
motto : Never count your chickens before they are hatched.
79Nave : Hick. Immoral.
motto : Always put something in the collection plate.
80Violent : Cruel. Has impressive chin.
motto : Don't outlive your money.
81Curious : Intellectual. Survived torture.
motto : Always join a group who Thwart Monstrous Plan
Characters learn of a horrible plan made by a monstrous enemy, and must thwart it before the kingdom or the world is destroyed..
82Suspicious : Scheming. Constantly checking own appearance in mirrors, ponds etc..
motto : If you would be well served, serve yourself.
83Argumentative : Articulate. Stomps on bugs.
motto : Thinking too much can only cause problems.
84Courage : Fearless. Mousy.
motto : Meet troubles half-way.
85Violent : Sadistic. Antagonistic.
motto : Always stay calm and see things through no matter how big a challenge gets.
86Friendly : Compassionate. Inquisitive.
motto : A penny saved is a penny earned.
87Violent : Sadistic. Has a tattoo of a violet spider on foot.
motto : Try to choose to do something you have never tried.
88Nave : Hick. Perfectionist.
motto : Speak ill of the dead.
89Uncivilized : Graceless. Stomps on bugs.
motto : Bite off more than you can chew.
90Courage : Obsequious. Kind.
motto : Cut off your nose to spite your face.
91Sober : Dull. Keen.
motto : Never confuse comfort with happiness.
92Greedy : Avaricious. From a foreign land.
motto : Always slow down.
93Nave : Innocent. Compassionate.
motto : Try to spend a day at the races.
94Violent : Sadistic. Covetous.
motto : Think twice before you accept the lowest bid.
95Arrogant : Aloof. Thoughtless.
motto : It is no use crying over split milk.
96Optimistic : Diplomatic. Diplomatic.
motto : Try to follow a foreign stranger who wants to travel and see new places, but remember to take along an open mind's advice.
97Courage : Craven. Dreamy.
motto : Never believe all you hear.
98Curious : Inquisitive. Elitist.
motto : Don't rush a love that deserves time.
99Generous : Kind. Beautiful.
motto : The tree is known by it's fruit.
100Argumentative : Antagonistic. Blustering.
motto : The world operates according to discoverable laws.
101Courage : Craven. Scheming.
motto : Always approach magic with reckless abandon.